​​​​Director's news

Please be aware we are making extraordinary additions to Sunny Side. We will update parents as we can!

The list for now consists of

  • New lights in the orange room.  


  • Adding electrical outlets to allow for better music times.


  • A complete renovation to the orange room bathroom.


  • New carpet in the infant room. 


  • We will be getting new mulch.


  • I have had one meeting with an architect, we hope to have the upstairs renovated to accommodate our school age program. This is a long term project!

-Debbie (Director)


Baby room news

We have had a lot of learning take place in our baby room! We are also very excited for our newest addition in the infant room, Tyson and Luke!


Around the center news

We have welcomed Ms. Linda back to sunnyside. You can find her in the orange preschool room.

We have welcomed several new families to SunnySide this school year! 


School Age News

To all of our school agers headed back for another year of learning, Good luck and have fun! While you are at school this year Anjewel and Autumn are preparing a exciting summer!

Pre school News

We are officially back in "learning mode". For the parents who haven't noticed we have split the big preschool class into two (yellow and orange room). This allows for better child to teacher ratios. You can find the classroom rosters at the parent board. The two classrooms will be following the creative curriculum in a play based environment. Parents can find lesson plans on the wall in the hallway and weekly work display around the classroom. 


Celebrating Birthdays this summer!

Tyson Gautier

Ronan Porter

David Weber

September 2018

Upcoming events 

09/03/18- Labor Day