Directors News

​We are entering my favorite time of the year! I love the lights, the surprises and the excitement the children show as we prepare for something special. No matter how your family chooses to celebrate this season it is special time to make memories together. With this is mind we do know that children will be overly tired and "Maybe even cranky!" As we remember this we will navigate through this month with special activities. One thing we will be doing is baking cookies for the policemen and firefighters in Lithopolis. We will talk to your children about giving to others as a way to make Christmas special. May everyone have a blessed holiday season! As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

"I think i put too much of the white snow stuff but that's okay it still exploded!"

-Harry H.

​Classroom News

Our Thanksgiving luncheon had a great turn out! Huge thanks to all the parents who contributed or shared your kids with us that day it was a great time! In our classrooms we have had some "In between the holiday time" we used this time to learn the science of volcanoes. We even made our own erupting Volcano! Now that December is upon us and everyone is excited for the holidays we have had lots of little helpers in the classrooms decorating for Christmas! This month we have many fun activities planned such as baking, writing letters to Santa and making ornaments for our trees! We will be delivering our baked and decorated cookies to our local policemen and firefighters. All of us are super stoked for Santa and his elf to visit!

"I do not like this at all! It is very scary!"

​-Ashai W.

"This is really cool, how many 

times can i make it erupt?" 

​-Savannah F.

​Around the Center News

Super exciting news, Our toddler room is up and running Ms. Anjewel and Ms. Emily have been working hard on toddler centered lesson plans and activities! which means we DO have enrollment slots available, if you know anyone with children ages 18 mos to 3 y.o. send them our way!  


We will be Walking to the police and fire station weather permitting, please dress your children accordingly. Also keep in mind Santa and his elf will be here Dec 22nd! 

​Sunny Side Newsletter

December 2017

" this is very smelly."  (We used Vinigar )

​-Abigail H.

"Can i touch this .... because real volcanoes are

hot so i shouldn't touch this!"

-Avery A.