Pre school News

Ms. Alissa and Ms. Anjewel are working hard on the pre school graduation. Every child in the pre school class will be graduating in the ceremony, going to kindergarten or not! Special certificates will be going to our upcoming kindergarten students. With the busy month of April and still not seeing good enough weather for the walk to Wagnals we are planning to walk over on May 11th in the morning (weather permitting... again). After coming back from the conference Our pre school teachers feel re-energized!  We are ready introduce new playing techniques and exciting new materials to the classroom.


Around the center news

Our teachers learned a lot from our conference in April! At this conference our teachers gained a lot of new ideas to bring back and implement in our classrooms.

With summer coming fast, Autumn and Anjewel have been busy planning an awesome summer program. For the parents who aren't aware we will have a younger school aged group with Anjewel and a older school age group with Autumn and field trips and activities are planned accordingly. If you aren't aware of the group your child will be in you can talk to Anjewel or see the class rosters posted in the parent information area. We are are thrilled for the summer and are very excited to make this summer just as or even more fun than last! With that being said these two classes did fill up very quickly we currently only have a few openings if you have not already see Debbie in the office to discuss summer schedules for your child.



Baby room news

We are excited to announce our newest family to sunnySide will be starting in our baby room soon! We also want to congratulate Avery Mollette on her transition to the "big girl room" she is happy to be a toddler ! 


Toddler news

We are excited to welcome Lola to our classroom this month! With summer coming up fast, parents you will probably see your toddlers on the playground/outside more often, please dress your toddler accordingly and pack sunscreen if needed, You will need to fill out a for giving sunnyside staff permission to administer it to your ch.

Celebrating Birthdays in May

No May Birthdays for SunnySide.

​​Director's news

Our first conference was a great turn out! Please be aware we are making extraordinary additions to Sunny Side. We will update parents as we can!

The list for now consists of

  • New lights in the orange room.
  • Adding electrical outlets to allow for better music times.
  • A complete renovation to the orange room bathroom.
  • New carpet in the infant room.
  • We hope to make playground improvements, We are having a water faucet installed for the use of better water play.
  • We will be getting new mulch.
  • I have had one meeting with an architect, we hope to have the upstairs renovated to accommodate our school age program. This is a long term project!

-Debbie (Director)

Upcoming events 

05/13/18- Mother's day

05/04/18- Pre school picnic

05/17/18- Walking trip to Wagnalls

06/01/18- pre school graduation